Can YOU Help?

Average attendance at Reachfields this season: 226 (last season 286)

Lowest attendance at Reachfields this season: 115 (last season 153)

Number of supporters/officials who regulary attend home games: Approx 130

Number of supporters/officials who regulary attend away games: Approx 25

Matchday team: 12-15

Supporters club/group: 0

Number of board members: 6


For a growing and improving club the figures shown above must get progressively higher year on year. More importantly, when reading the list above, the numbers should get higher from the bottom-up, e.g. there should be more people in the Supporters’ Club than on the Board of Directors and so on.


At a lot of successful clubs at our level the figures are all higher. As you can see, they all need to be/continue to get higher, and the one that stands out is the big fat zero!


Are you able to change that number from zero to one? Are you then able to help it to continue to increase month by month, year on year, in line with the club’s development? Well what would I have to do we hear you ask...


No meetings or minutes, no big decisions, not massive chunks of your time, BUT...


A supporters group would organise and hold fund-raising events such as quiz nights, boot fairs and social events.


A supporters group could help with our match-day operation, stewards, ball-boys, programme sellers, car-park stewards, occasional bar-work, we always end up short every season, in particular at the big one-off games e.g. Folkestone or the FA Cup.


Importantly, a supporters group would have a voice, to begin with in an unofficial capacity, but the future of the club may well be a board supported by a larger sub-committee.


MOST importantly, we need a supporters’ group NOW, not at the start of next season or pre-season, or halfway through the summer, the plans for the 2014-15 season have already started! Our current manpower simply cannot take on any more work, NOW is YOUR chance to make a difference!


Interested? Want to be involved? Please call Andrew Johnson on 07715 251569 (leaving a message if no reply) or contact us via the form below. 

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