Club Statement

During the summer Hythe Town FC have been busy strengthening their off the pitch organisation.  This follows on from the appointment of Tim Dixon as manager, together with his coaching team, after the resignation of Scott Porter at the end of last season.

At board level, John Dowsett has returned as Chairman and is joined by Josh Healey, from main sponsor GSE, who replaces long term serving director David Skeel.

A sub group of directors has been formed to look after the week to week operation of the club and liaison with the playing side of the club. Trevor Kennett initially was appointed as Football Chairman of this group in readiness for the new season. Subsequently Trevor now has had to focus on some important issues outside of football, which means he has recently been unable to give his Hythe Town role the time and commitment it deserves and requires, consequently he has decided to step down.

The club may consider replacing Trevor, but will be terming the role Operations Director rather than Chairman of the football board in order to overcome any confusion. Applications will be considered from people with a good experience of business management and football administration.

Also a supporters group has been formed and is already active with Andrew Johnson joining the directors of the operating group as the Supporters’ Representative.

Chairman John Dowsett said, “I am delighted to once again take up the reins and look forward to continuing the momentum Hythe Town Football Club has had over the last few years. Tim Dixon is already putting together a strong squad and I’m sure this will evolve even more as the season progresses. Tim and his team are also forging much closer links with the Hythe Stars and Stripes youth set-up and putting more emphasis on the development of youth in general which is excellent news”.

He continued “I am glad we have a supporters group as I think it is important that they have input, so I welcome Andrew Johnson. However I am sorry to be losing Trevor so soon but understand his focus at this time has to be on issues outside of football. I would like someone with similar experience to join the board, however we have a group of excellent long serving directors looking after things on a day to day basis and with our medium to long term plans. Also with Paul Markland, who was chairman for 12 years and is now President, playing a proactive role, we have a lot of continuity within the club. So if no one immediately volunteers for the Operations Director role, and I stress that this is a voluntary position, we will wait until the right person comes along”.

If you require further information please contact John Dowsett on 07717206557.


Originally Published 11/08/14