From The Secretary

Club Secretary, Martin Giles, brings our supporters up to date with the events of a very busy and challenging week...


This week Shaun Welford was the subject of an approach from Ashford United and has decided to join them and his former Maidstone colleague Danny Lye who has been appointed Ashford's new manager. 

In the other direction comes the very promising young keeper Joe Mant. Additionally we have signed Tom Scorer and Ben Jordan (brother of Bradley). It is quite possible that there will be one or two more movements in the coming few weeks and we already have our own approach in for another forward at a Ryman club.

Supporters need to know that non-contract players are free to move for whatever reasons they see fit and these can include coaching ambitions, the feeling that they should be stepping up or down, or to join friends at another club, as well as the more obvious financial reasons. 

When things have settled down the club will be either putting out a full statement or perhaps holding another clubhouse get-together so that supporters can be more fully informed of recent events. So there it is, a very busy week at the end of which I can honestly say that nothing in football surprises me! 

The club has not had the best of starts again but I know that the management and players will be doing all they can to put this right. With difficult games against Hastings United (Saturday) and home to Guernsey on Tuesday it doesn't get any easier, before we take on Chessington & Hook United in the FA Cup on Saturday (29th). 

It is a time to stick together and so we hope that all of you can get to at least the two home games and who knows there will probably be more news to update you on in the bar afterwards!

Originally Published - 21/08/15