Peter Murdin

"A cheerful smile and a willing pair of hands"

Not everybody may have heard of Peter Murdin. Both he and his wife Phyllis were keen supporters of the club, but Pete decided that with retirement looming he would spend part of his spare time helping out at Reachfields on and around the pitch.

He therefore became one of those valued few who are most active when the ground is at its quietest. Tragically Peter's retirement was all too short and he passed peacefully away at the Pilgrim's Hospice on Thursday 23rd April. His lovely wife tells us that the times he spent at Reachfields were very happy, even when those in charge did not always pick the right team!

We do hope that Phyllis will continue to come to games for she will be most welcome. She has already indicated that she would like to attend our Presentation Night on Saturday 9th May. Anyone wishing to attend Peter's funeral should note that it will be held at St' Leonard's Church, Hythe on Wednesday May 6th at 11.45am.