RJ & Thommo Move On

We caught up with 1st Team Manager Clive Cook today, who wanted to bring supporters up to speed with two departures from the club…


“Two of my players have left the squad in the last week, both in completely different circumstances. I wanted to try and explain those departures and leave it up to you, the supporters, to make your own minds up regarding both situations.


“Firstly the simpler of the two, Craig Thompson, a lad who has been a great servant over the years and someone who has been very loyal to Hythe Town over the time I have been associated with the club. 


“Unfortunately, like most players Thommo simply wants guaranteed football, which I could not give him. Another club (Ramsgate) came in with a seven-day approach and told him they would guarantee football every week, so Thommo has decided to make the move.


“I have no problem with this situation, but a word of caution for the player, I don’t know how any football club can basically assure a player he has a starting place in the side every week. But every club is different so who knows? I hope for Thommo's sake they are true to their word. Thommo is a smashing lad to have around the place, but we move on.


“The second player to leave the club is Ryan Johnson (RJ), I need to watch what I say with this one as I don’t want to upset anyone. As they say it’s only a game of football and there are a lot worse things happening in the world. But as a manager you do get close to your players and create a bond, a friendship and a trust between you. 


“You also try to help them in other parts of their life and RJ was no different, he was part of our football life at our club, as a result I took this departure very personally. In the time I worked with RJ I had grown to love the man as a footballer, a person and as a friend, and I will carry on doing so. 


“Even at our level and below football is a money orientated business, and every player will have their head turned if a huge financial package is flashed under their nose, that's the way it is. However, certain aspects of the way the other club (Greenwich Borough) did their business were far from satisfactory, but it’s done now and RJ has departed. 


“I wish them both all the love, luck and success in the world, and hope they achieve everything in football they set out to do with their moves to their new clubs. We at Hythe Town move on and strive to achieve the goals that we have set ourselves, please carry on giving us your fantastic support on the way.”


Originally Published – 12/01/16